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    Bewitching Charm of Homeownership: Why It’s Good to Buy a Home Today

    key for my homeDesire for homeownership will never go away. It’s the American dream, to have the place to call your very own. And if you’re one of those still hoping to have one, there’s no better time to buy one than now!

    The Bewitching Charm of Homeownership

    Forced Savings

    While you’re paying your mortgage, you’re also building equity on your home.  Interest rates are expected to continue rising. Buying a house now will put you at an advantage of making money out of your money, faster. People who have trouble putting aside cash for rainy days will benefit from making house payments now. Buy now or buy later, but the cost of houses are rising, so why wait?

    The Benefit of Owning over Renting

    Whether you’re owning or renting, you’ll still be paying for a home. Why not buy one while terms and taxes are more favorable? Owning is typically cheaper than renting, so you’ll save yourself some money, too.

    Take Advantage of the Tax Benefits of Homeownership

    Las Vegas, being one of the hardest hit cities during the economic bust, offers tax benefits to homeowners and homebuyers. Talk to your real estate professional to get updated on the existing tax breaks in your area.

    Eric Belsky, Managing Director and editorial board of the Journal of Housing Research and Housing Policy Debate at Harvard University, stated on his report The Dream Lives On: The Future of Homeownership in America, “…events of the last several years have not done much

    to deter people’s desires to own. Indeed, while by one measure the share of people viewing

    homeownership as a safe investment took a hit, by another measure, the share stating it is a good time to buy took only a modest dip after the Great Recession.”

    Owning a home is a form of security blanket for many Americans. The strong desire for homeownership never wanes due to a number of social and personal reasons.

    Do you want a home of your own but don’t know how to begin your journey to homeownership? Reach out to us! Our team driven real estate experts can help you get started on the path of homeownership and show you options on how to achieve this goal. We are happy to help! Contact us today!

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