New Project in Downtown Vegas: The Oasis Unveiled

    Golf-Course-CommunitiesThe Oasis, a new boutique project in downtown Las Vegas was revealed last Tuesday. The renovation project around East Fremont Street, estimated to cost $350 million, includes this 44-room hotel. This project is operated and owned by Downtown Project, a group of over 300 businesses designed to allow different investors to invest in different projects.

    What the New Oasis at Gold Spike has to Offer:

    • 44 rooms with walk in closets and leather couches.
    • Ultimate Crash Pads – larger suites with 520 sq. ft. of comfortable space.
    • Premier Crash Pads – standard rooms with 300 sq. ft. of living space.
    • Rates:
      • Premiere Crash Pads – $199-$229, depending on season
      • Ultimate Crash Pads – $$239-$269, depending on season
      • Mid-week rates: $109 for Premiere Crash Pads and $129 for Ultimate Crash Pads
      • $50 cost of renting a bike for a day.

    The Oasis project received a full remodel: New electrical system, new plumbing, and new framing. The walls, furniture, ceilings, exterior, signage, and landscaping all received major overhaul work. It is Downtown Project’s first adventure into the hotel business.

    The Oasis is just a portion of Downtown Projects’ plan of turning the area around Fremont Street into a busy business hub. It was reported that the company is willing to invest around $200 in real estate projects, $50 million in education, $50 million in tech startups, and $50 in small businesses.

    Kim Schaefer, spokesperson for Downtown Projects said, “Every time you come to stay with us, it’s a different experience.” Every room has a different style and design. The lobby is furnished with a bookshelf filled with many tech classics and soon a collection of vinyl and player for staying customers to enjoy.

    Are you planning on visiting or staying at the Oasis? What retail shops or restaurants do you think should be included in the revitalization project of Freemont Street? Share your thoughts with us. We always appreciate hearing from you.

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