RED Day 2016

    RedDay_Header600-11_0-300x100RED Day (Renew, Energize, and Donate) will be here Thursday! It is an initiative held in honor of Mo Anderson, Vice Chairman of the Board for Keller Williams Realty, and a one-day celebration of the culture here at Keller Williams.

    RED Day began in 2009 with just 25,000 team members giving back more than 125,000 hours of community service in just one single day. This event is a demonstration of the effect a company can have in the communities where they live when individuals work together for the benefit of all, and it’s a one-day display of what happens at Keller Williams every single day.

    Here at The Snyder Grred day group 2oup, we are headed by Listing Team Lead, Erin Camp, and we sat down with her for a short Q&A about this all important day.

    What does RED Day mean to you?

    RED day has grown very important to me personally as I have been able to see the impact it’s had on the lives of many since we started seven years ago. To give back to our community first hand is so rewarding.

    What RED Day project is in store for The Snyder Group this year?

    The Snyder Group will be assisting in the cleaning organizing and restocking of two condos for the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. This incredible organization gives back in such a huge way to teenagers that have nowhere else to go and we are so honored and excited to be able to come in and truly give them a place to call home as well as giving them some of the personal items we take for granted on a daily basis.

    What kind of planning goes into an event like RED Day?

    When you have such amazing people that you work with, with these huge generous hearts, it truly is unbelievable what we can make thiscondo
    all happen in such a short amount of time. We typically don’t know exactly what we’re stepping into until the day of so we try to come prepared with anything and everything that we can, from painting and cleaning supplies, to lots of linens and toiletries.

    This year the condos are home to eight boys so we are working diligently to create a space that gives them something to be excited about when they come home from school.

    What advice do you have for the many volunteers in which will be participating?

    red day groupCome with a big smile as the day will hold lots of sweat hours and labor as we hustle to transform these units before the kids get back. The looks on their faces and the gratitude that they express when we open he doors and they get to see a fully stocked fridge, new sheets, towels, and a place that now feels more like their own versus a place they have been staying is absolutely priceless and will definitely cause the need for tissues.

    Please click here to contribute to our RED Day Go Fund Me account. If you’re able to donate any requested items like bedding, toiletries, or dry food goods, please contact Erin Camp via email at or reach her directly at 702.622.5935.

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