Staging 101

    Staging…. it’s one of those trend words real estate agents like to use and people like Hilary Farr.  Have you ever noticed how large her spaces look even though the square footage hasn’t changed?  Hint: Staging.  Staging may be a trend, but it’s a word that isn’t going to leave the industry anytime soon.  Staging can make ALL the difference.  Seriously.

    First, say goodbye to clutter.

    This may be the most important factor and it is an absolute must.  Think of it as pre-packing.  Start packing up those items you don’t use on a regular basis.  What can you live without while your home is on the market?  A large contributor to house clutter is large pieces of furniture.  The first thing a professionaFurnished living Room in Luxury Homel stager may do when they enter your home is remove 50% of the furniture in your main living spaces.

    Join the conversation.

    Positioning your furniture into conversational groupings makes your living spaces appear larger than what they are.  Pull your furniture away from the walls to create this optical illusion.  Place furniture pieces together where people would naturally sit to have a conversation.  This makes your home cozy and welcoming.

    Make it bigger.

    Right off the bat, you think this has something to do with your furniture when it has everything to do with color.  Today’s open floor plans create flow and to further enhance this flow, paint your great room the same color as your dining room.  It will make the room appear like one big room.  Another tip?  Paint your walls the same color as your draperies.  It will create symmetry and even further pushes the illusion of spaces appearing larger than what they actually are.

    bhg_staircase_collagePlay musical art.

    Show off your spaces with art.  Does this mean you need to go purchase new pieces?  Absolutely not, but rearranging them in a way in which compliments the space they’re in is staging magic.  Typically, you’d hang your pieces in stereotypical spots like a high line equal to that of the door frame around the room when you really want to do the opposite.  So, play musical art.  Group your pieces in ways that flatter the space and boast your art.

    Three’s company.

    This age-old decorator’s rule never changes, even for stagers.  Grouping items in numbers of three is key, just think of a triangle.  Balance is also important.  Place your tallest item in the back and your shortest item in the front.

    Modern kitchen with hardood flooringVisit that one section of the grocery store.

    You know, that section that your spouse most likely visits on Valentine’s Day.  Nothing compares to the impact of fresh flowers.  When you enter a hotel lobby, the item you’ll most likely notice first are the fresh flowers, current for the season, that is on display.  Fresh flowers in your living spaces will only make your home more beautiful and most welcoming to any buyer who walks through the door.

    Think spa.

    Bathrooms sell homes.  Remember Hilary Farr?  It’s always the master ensuite that makes a homeowner “love it” rather than “list it.”  Turn your bathroom into a serene and calming space by utilizing items that you’d usually find at the spa like bath salts, rolled up towels beside the bathtub, and apothecaries for your daily items such as Q-Tips and cotton balls.  These small changes make these spaces more inviting and warm.

    Do these tips make you feel more comfortable with staging your own home?  We hope so!  If you think there’s something we missed, please let us know.  We’re excited to hear about it!  If you think you might want your home professionally staged when you put it on the market, contact one of our fab lead listing agents here for a recommendation.  We’re always here to help!

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