The Best Home Selling Secrets PART ONE

    When it comes time to sell your home, getting top dollar is what is most important.  But, how do you do it?  We have a few tricks up our sleeve.


    Your listing agent will complete a comparative analysis of your home to determine the best price point for your home in relationship to its value.  If you want to be stampeded by buyers, shave 15% off the price.  It’s a big risk, but one that is well worth it.  In today’s market, it may be the single best strategy in which to sell your home.


    Well, not entirely.  Storage space is always at or near the top of today’s homebuyers’ lists of wants and needs.  You can make your home look more spacious by de-cluttering those spaces that are used for storage.  Even your linen closet should lothd-reachin-white-mrkt-0114_sqok neat and tidy.  Upgrade your walk-in closets with closet organizers so homebuyers can see how the space can be maximized.  There’s nothing worse than walking into a home, any home, and seeing wasted space and a top notch closet can sell a home.


    Today’s homebuyers LOVE natural lighting so let the sunshine in!  Pull back your blackout curtains, wash your windows, and dust your blinds.  Trim your trees and your bushes to allow as much natural light in as possible.  Take it a step further and switch out your dark lampshades for lighter ones while upping the wattage of your light bulbs to allow for more light at dusk and in the evening hours.  It’s always the little things, and in this case, the little things will make your home more sellable.


    Having pets is not a deal killer; however, potential buyers do not want to walk through your front door and smell the kitty litter box or a bowl of dog food.  Vacuum often.  Use a lint roller to remove pet hair from hard to clean places like lamp shades and decorative pillows.  If you should hold your home open, we recommend you put your pets in a pet hotel for the day.  You will never get a second chance to make a first impression.  Don’t give buyers the impression that your home is not clean.

    Kitchen-Cabinet-door-fronts#5 DON’T OVER-UPGRADE

    We cannot say this enough.  If you’re considering something a little extravagant and you’re concerned you may not recuperate your investment, speak with a professional REALTOR®. Do your best to stick to those projects that guarantee a return on your investment.  Remember, it’s the little things… replace brass door handles with satin nickel ones, add drawer pulls and knobs in your kitchen and bathrooms, and have your tile grout professionally cleaned.  These little projects will showcase your home in its best light.

    Curious as to what’s in the final five?  Check back in two weeks for the rest of our best-selling home secrets!

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